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What is Transitioning all about?

I’m what we call’pre-operative’, sometimes we call it’non-operative’
What that means, well, non-operative means I’ve decided not to undergo sexual reassignment surgery that’s usually known as”the operation for transgender individuals”
Or pre-operative means I haven’t yet undergone that operation I wish to clarify right off the bat that there’s a distinctive involving”the operation” and SRS or sexual reassignment operation.

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And why we call it sexual reassignment operation rather than a sex change
or”The operation” is because there are lots of surgeries, there are lots of surgeries which transgender people may want to find which might not have anything to do with the genitals.

This is its own thing so, SRS, not the operation’ okay? I have a complex relationship with my manhood.

What I would like to do essentially is to sort of demystify the notion of girls with penises.
And obviously very few people who aren’t transgender are likely to be girls with penises
Intersex people do exist.

These are the people you grew up calling hermaphrodites
that isn’t a word that’s generally acceptable or approved by intersex people
Intersex is the term you should be used if you wish to refer to someone born with something which may not be regarded as regular genitals genitalia okay, I’m not an intersex person, you ought to speak to intersex individuals, or listen to quite intersex people if you would like to find out more about their adventures.

But normally the only two individuals that are girls with penises are
intersex individuals and transgender people so that is kind of where we are at, okay?

I fight a lot with the hypersexualised vision of a chick with a dick’
or in porn, they’re often known as’shemales‘ I hate that phrase,
allow me to do this to you right off the bat if you’re somebody who enjoys
transgender girls with penises if you feel that’s sexy, I’m not gonna fight you over that but do not call us’ shemales’. or ‘trannies’ that isn’t a fantastic word, okay, that’s not a cute word
we’re transgender girls, fine, if a transgender girl says she enjoys the word transsexuals rather, call her, fine but don’t go around saying the term “shemale” ladyboy” tranny” snare”
or another variation of that type of word

“While it is a chick and SUDDENLY SHE HAS A PENIS OH MY GOD A SHOCK!!”

Prevent those tropes, fine if you like us and if you would like to date us stay away from this type of speech okay it is not wonderful. We do not like it. Some transgender girls really hate their penises.

Many transgender girls can’t stand the sight of the genitalia in the time they are very young
I don’t have that hatred or that self-loathing.

However, I really do want SRS and the justification for me is.
I do not despise my penis but I am uncomfortable with it, it’s in my way physically when I wish to get dressed in the morning It does not work that well now that I have been on hormones for quite a while For those of you that don’t understand when a transgender person is transitioning typically, not necessarily, typically they will experience something that’s known as hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

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That is where you replace the hormones your body’s producing with the hormones which better suit your sex So for me: estrogen Individuals with penises who have high levels of estrogen in their body or that replace the testosterone with estrogen since I’m inhibiting the testosterone and taking estrogen If you take estrogen and you inhibit your testosterone
your body reacts to touch otherwise.

sex is an entirely different ball game than it was before I went on hormones so where I am at right now is essential if I wanna acquire FRISKY I am a limp. Doesn’t mean I am not enjoying myself!

Alright, it just means my manhood responds to touch as a clitoris does
not like a penis And that is really frustrating, you know I probably should have told you guys
This will be a somewhat a Lewd Interview

I am talking about sex and penises So, there you go, there’s your disclaimer, a little bit late but here you go there’s absolutely not any lack of heterosexual men who enjoy the business of transgender girls.

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No, since we’re transgender but because we are women and they like us
Much like us as transgender individuals but there are guys who enjoy individuals that happen to be trans and that doesn’t have any bearing on their sexuality, fine, if you’re safe enough to fornicate with a woman with a penis without questioning your sexuality, great for you, you are great, I like you, probably do not begĀ  or hook up with you since I don’t like hookups

However, you are on the great list, do you know?
Once I am with guys like this,
Alright, when I am with a guy!. eh. [sigh]
it is much like when cisgender women or women, or trans women with vaginas inform me about men that just fucking go for it like it is some type of whack-a-mole machine
It isn’t, fine, and hormones change how our genitals react because here is a fact for you: penises and vaginas, ovaries and testo..testicles. Testosticles they are created from precisely the exact same thing as they evolve from each other like it is kind of interchangeable, fine, that’s why it’s very easy to rebuild the other sort of genital.

It’s just like, it is already pretty similar. So hormones really alter the way those genitals respond to touch.

Many people with a clitoris and many people who are high in estrogen
Aren’t going to enjoy you SLAMMING THEIR BODY WITH A HAMMER. Only a tip!

And I believe a good deal of people do not know how much hormones influence genitals
I do not know. Here I am gonna provide you with some additional TMI, fine, but you know what my entire life is here so this is no different.

Most people when they undergo hormone replacement therapy experience genital shrinkage For if they are a transgender girl like me.

My penis did quite a bit. I was small, to begin with, and I am quite happy about that
Because I have fewer things to be worried about when I am fitting into clothes
But it definitely got smaller.

And you know, that is alright You know, this is, okay, this is strange I wanted to create a very deep article about how I, don’t despise my manhood And things but I did not script it, I probably should have scripted it I think what I want you to know is that I’m not ashamed of having a penis.

I do not think transgender girls ought to be ashamed of having penises
I see a good deal of transgender girls hitting other transgender girls which aren’t ashamed of the genitals.

And I am not saying you shouldn’t be ashamed of your genitals if it is something which you experience dysphoria with Since lots of transgender people, as I said earlier, despise their genitals from a young age and it is not something they can un-learn because it is not something that they learn to perform in the first place.

It is biological. But I don’t like it when girls that are not ashamed of the genitals
or don’t despise their genitals are put down to be shameless about them
I am not saying that we ought to allow transgender girls to walk around with obvious bulges because that is, guys are not permitted to do this.

Okay, I am not saying that is what we should do, okay
But let’s say a transgender woman posts on her own Instagram a photo of her with a bulge
And she is just being like fucking right, not like an upright. penis.

Much like she is just chilling in her Calvin Kleins and it is only there, inside of her panties.
Exactly the same as it would seem on a dude, fine, I do not believe she needs to be demonized for that Okay, that is her body, that is my body by way of instance, I have not posted a picture like this.

I have wanted to, to tell the truth, because I wish to recover that part of my body
I have been finding it quite difficult to reclaim portions of my body that I’ve been told aren’t great.

Or not appropriate, and I do not think anyone ought to be told that their body isn’t perfect.
There is a difference between having gender dysphoria and feeling awful
due to someone telling you, you are.

Alright, and I need to encourage transgender girls who don’t experience dysphoria
with whatever body part, whether that be elements of the face or their body or their genitals.

I wish to encourage you to observe all those parts of your body and to share your love
on your own, because there’s way too much with girls generally and even just people in general.

Okay, of all sexes, way too much” that I want to do this” or”I want to get here”
Rather than”look where I am” and I believe we ought to be able to be saying”look where I am, look how happy I am, look how comfortable I am.”

Because that inspires other folks that are like you to feel comfortable like you
So in the event that you think strength with your manhood, inform the world
for a suitable time and space.

I know this was all over the place If you are having trouble understanding, allow me to recap for you:

As a transgender girl who hasn’t yet undergone sexual reassignment surgery, I have a penis.
I don’t hate my penis, I am indifferent about it, it is more of a nuisance that’s a hatred
For me personally. That’s my experience.

So I am not ashamed of having a penis that’s why I am probably talking about so publicly
However, my opinion for you even when you’re not a transgender girl, even when you’re not a girl with a penis or”chick with a dick” is, if there’s a part of your body which you have been told to hate, but you do not despise, Do not despise it.

Is it because someone told you that you’re supposed to?
It is not quite as simple as understanding that then you enjoy it
it is a procedure. However, I know if you’re aware of it,
I know whether you understand a body part that you like, but you have been taught to despise, if you’re conscious of it, I know you can turn about
and fall back in love with that body part. Or a personality-trait.

Unless it’s directly harming someone personality-traits are a tiny bit different from the likes of body. parts.

When there’s a body part of yours that you have been taught to hate, but you do not
I wanna understand what it is, and I want to understand your expertise
And I believe in the comments, we could make a constructive space
where we could help each other learn to appreciate our own bodies,
particularly the parts that we have been told aren’t good enough,
or aren’t perfect.
If you are born with it it’s probably okay usually, okay?

And I would like you to give up something too, so like I said, in the comments, let us have a conversation.

If there’s something you’ve been taught to despise, I hope you can learn how to enjoy it
If there’s something about your body that makes you uncomfortable in ways which you can’t control, that is different, I have been there, I have had surgery to fix things like that,
So I’m not saying that you ought to feel guilty for having those feelings.

However, I think there’s a difference between things like that and things that you have been taught to despise.
So, you’re capable of enjoying anything that you have been educated you shouldn’t.

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