Where can i find Shemales to talk to?

Best Places to Chat With A Shemale online

This is a very popular question asked a lot online so I thought I would help in answering this for you. It is not hard to look online and find places to chat with shemales. It depends on what way you want to chat with them.

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Is it chatting to a tranny by phone?

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Is it chatting to a shemale by SMS txt services

Is it chatting to a ladyboy by video chat

or to date a tranny

Perhaps it is just to hang out with them and chat online to see where it goes.

So let’s start:

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If it is to chat to a transgender by phone as in telephone sex lines you only need to google the words “shemale telephone sex” and you will get a massive list of services offering phone sex for your country you could add in the country at the end of the search.

You could do the same with SMS services as well as video chat services and all services google is your friend with this one.

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Other ideas could be to go to local forums all about them and join as a free member and get involved in some of that chats on there. topix.com is a good one for questions and answers as well as places like birchplace.com which is full of them that you can add and hang out with.

You could also download software like skype and run a search for shemales and getting chatting to some people in groups on there, even facebook has hundreds of groups all about them

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I have always suggested webcams as a great place as you can see each other right away as you interact and a lot of the free sites that have previews allow you to sit in the room and chat free of charge.

Some of the Ts cam models above are what you can expect if you opted to video a live video chat site you can view hundreds more by visiting the link below.

You can hang out, chat to get to know and enjoy some fun times with the best Transgenders online and they know how to look after you.

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We have a great blog post on  –15 of the hottest shemales on cam – Free chat rooms – Top tranny webcam hosts getting naked in a live session

If you just want to hang out on a forum or other types of places then like I mentioned make up some profiles on forums and chat boards as well as some big communities and start adding them as friends. There is no excuse to not being able to find them as there are hundreds of them online

If you want to chat right now then you can go here and visit these girls from above

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What is the difference between a tranny chaser and a genuine guy who likes trannys?

though this was a good topic as some people do not know what the difference between a shemale chaser and someone who just enjoys the company of a sexy trans man.

This video below explains the whole topic well, it is a transgender lady who is discussing the subject and she more or less states a tranny chaser is someone who will just add her on facebook randomly because they can tell she is transgender and then straight away they will send her a message saying “do you want to suck my cock” these are people that just troll all day long online looking to add random people. It can be offensive for these trannys because they are ladies and should be treated with a little respect. More via @ camcrave

A genuine person who enjoys the company of a ladyboy would have a little more respect, now I agree and disagree with that as you get trolls everywhere and you will get genuine tranny lovers who will add random people but they do also enjoy spending genuine time with a gender person.

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How do shemales keep their bodies so feminine?

This is a good question and one I will explain here. This is asked a lot in the tranny community,  how do they manage to look so feminine and keep it that way?

They inject silicone under the skin and they take hormone tablets is the short answer to this.

It’s called subcutaneous silicone injection and they inject just under the skin, they will do it in places like hips and buttocks and places they want to be complimented on. As for other things like makeup and hair and beauty in general that can be down to a number of things like any female,  for example, makeup, beautician work, hair extensions, false nails, tanning salons.

Shemales are like any other females some take care of themselves and others do not bother, you can go online and find hundreds of gorgeous tgirls and you can also find ones who you can tell straight away have never been injecting silicone or taking hormone tablets.

Some Trans women do get lucky and are born looking very feminine so it is a huge combination of things some it is just sheer hard work and looking after themselves.

I have chatted with hundreds of trans women online and some you would struggle to tell that they were trans. They take care of their bodies and appearance more so than so other straight females I know.

The example below is two ladyboys who work on live cam can you tell which one is a true tgirl and which one is possibly more just interested in crossdressing?

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These ts girls love nothing more than to put you in your place and give you your orders.

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These live divas waste no time in demanding you get naked and entertain them.

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You will have her stand over you pushing her sexy foot into your face and barking the demands ” lick it”, “sniff it”

Suck on her sexy painted toes and lick between they gorgeous toes and get ready to give proper worship to a gorgeous transgender

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She will oil them up and have that penis of yours in between them, these girls love to give footjobs to slaves

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This is without a doubt one of the horniest categories online watching these chicks play for us. What better way to chill out than to log on and see who is available and then watch them strip off as well as teasing us.

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